Serialization and Track & Trace

SoftGroup® SaTT (Serialization and Track & Trace) is an integrated mass serialization system for centralized management of pharmaceutical packaging lines. It is a scalable, cost-effective and ‘smart’ solution, which can be customized to enterprise-specific needs. The system allows full traceability of any single or aggregate packaging unit within the supply chain. SoftGroup® SaTT complies with GS1’s Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard for holding and communicating serialization-based events, ensuring interoperability with existing systems.

Why SoftGroup

Complete Solution

SoftGroup, while a software company at it’s core, has extensive experience working with hardware,
offering our own, complete serialization solution.


Each of our clients has their own, unique needs. SoftGroup® SaTT was created with that idea in mind,
offering all sorts of features, which can be used per client’s preference.

24 / 7 Support

Our clients’ satisfaction is our #1 goal.

We offer 24/7 customer support, making sure that no problem goes unsolved.

Prompt Delivery

We can implement our solution in 4+ months,

as opposed to the industry average of 6.

Extensive Experience

SoftGroup has over 10 years of experience with IT, having worked with countless clients and solutions.
Our expertise is your guarantee.

Preferred Vendor Integration

While we do offer both software and hardware, depending on the client’s preference,
we can also integrate our software with their hardware of choice.

The Team

When all is said and done, a company is but a collective of individuals. We pride in our team and collaboration.
To this day, we maintain an employee retention rate of 100%.