Pharmaceutical Aggregation


The next logical step after serialization

What is aggregation in pharma?


The pharmaceutical aggregation by its definition associates uniquely serialized medical items (medicines) to higher packaging levels with a unique serial number. The unit-serialized items come to a larger container (case, bundle, or pallet). In a bundle of bottles or cartons, each unit has its own serial number, but the bundle itself has a top label including a unique serial number. In short, pharma aggregation is the process of creating a hierarchical relationship between unique identifiers assigned to packaging containers.


types of aggregation in pharma industry


Aggregation in pharma is the next logical step in Track and Trace requirements, and many companies that started the process (or finished) of implementation of the pharma serialization are foreseeing this next critical step.


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    Benefits of aggregation for Pharmaceutical companies

    The aggregation process in the pharma industry is meant to facilitate and benefit everyone involved in the supply chain, from the manufacturers of medications to the end customers.


    Firstly, pharma aggregation greatly facilitates the use of rework. It is possible because all necessary and at the same time important information about the medicines to be accessible when scanning the greater pack code. This will save a great deal of time since we will no longer need to open each container to scan each individual package. Shipment pallets could be decommissioned in bulk in case the whole pallet or a part of it has been damaged during transportation. The pharmaceutical aggregation will significantly simplify booking out the damaged products from the system.


    Simple reporting

    Optimization of the supply chain activities led by aggregation can simplify the reporting and verification of the product at one or more stops along the supply chain. By scanning the barcode, all the necessary data can be obtained in seconds, which leads to significant time and resource savings.

    All information in one place

    Pharmaceutical aggregation provides all the necessary information and makes it easier to track any medicines throughout the supply chain, leading to a more efficient, secure, and trustworthy system.



    Proactive pharmaceutical companies are finding significant cost savings in the deployment of traceability and aggregation technology. A large part of these cost savings is coming from improvements in process and supply chain efficiency. Many companies now view this technology as a major competitive advantage in today’s global economy when they are flexible enough to meet the Track & Trace requirements of multiple countries.


    Efficient product recalls or returns

    Aggregation technology provides easier management for the entire process of inventory returns better. It also helps pharma manufacturers perform targeted recalls of specific product units instead of an extensive, unnecessary amount.

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    How Pharma Manufacturer Got  Unprecedented Benefits of Combining

    Serialization and Aggregation


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