pharma companies inflationary management

[Blog] How pharma companies manage the IT spending in an inflationary environment

  SaaS, infrastructure software, IaaS, and PaaS are the technology investment areas where everyone most expects inflation/currency fluctuations to affect budget decisions.             During challenging economic times, CIOs and CFOs tend to scrutinize their budgets, especially the largest and fastest-growing parts which usually are related to on-premises solutions...

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cloud solution evolution

[Blog] From on-premises and cloud to hybrid solution model

Discover the main differences between the solution technologies, enhancing your business process and data exchange           Today`s technologies provide supply chain participants with a wide range of solution options. Each enterprise could choose the best type for them depending on its needs, priority functionalities, financial capabilities, industrial...

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chatgpt impact pharma

[Blog] ChatGPT`s impact on the Pharma industry

  Using ChatGPT, AI steps further into the Pharmaceutical activity   No matter how frequently you are use your phone and laptop or what your source of information is, you undoubtedly heard the term – ChatGPT. That is not just another fancy word that will be a trend...

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european martket regulation

[Blog] European Market – Regulatory Trends 2023

The qualitative healthcare system and patient safety need constantly improving regulatory mechanisms.             Market overview   Some say, "2022 is probably the biggest year in EU Pharmaceutical law". Besides that, the pharma industry is responding to a large extent for the successful establishment of better healthcare and improved patient...

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kuwait pharma track and trace

[Blog] Traceability in Kuwait – the journey towards a better and safer Healthcare

The end of 2022 brought another regulatory deadline – Kuwait announced mandatory serialization until 2024.           Market overview   Kuwait's Pharmaceuticals market is in the growing stage thanks to the government`s healthcare initiatives. Due to large investments through public-private partnerships for the development of the healthcare sector, the pharma...

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pharma track and trace regulations 2023

[Blog] Pharma Regulations: What will the Pharma industry face in 2023?

  This year pharma industry will face new regulatory requirements for Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and Australia.   Regulatory Compliance is a permanent hot topic for all supply chain participants.2023 is bringing new challenges regarding the track and trace requirements. Here are the essentials of the...

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australia track and trace

[Blog] What will bring January 2023 for Australia?

Discover Track & Trace Requirements for Australia           Till January 2023, the serialization and use of data matrix are optional for manufacturers and sponsors supplying medicines in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Order - Standard for labels of prescription and related medicines (TGO) No.91 and TGO No.92 documented...

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