Tips of the iceberg in pharmaceutical serialization

Everything you always wanted to know about printing technology, printers, and printing cartridges




A problem with the supplementing equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg.

With more than a year after the Falsified Medicines Directive came effective in Europe and many different client’s cases with all their specifics behind the back, SoftGroup will share the hands-on experience and guide you through all you need to know about printing challenges that have come up with the serialization.

What to expect?

The printing technologies perfectly-fitting for the serialization needs in a nutshell:

  • Thermal Inkjet
  • Thermo transfer
  • Laser printing

A closer look to Top 5 popular brands

Printing Cartridges and their key role in the low rejection rate while serializing

Tips and Tricks for maximum utilization of your printing system.

Hands-on experience: All you wanted to learn from a serialization printing guru.

serialization printing technology

Who will benefit from this session mostly?

Everyone within the pharmaceutical industry is welcome to join the webinar, especially:

  • Technical Managers
  • Track & Trace Project Managers
  • Serialization Managers
  • Q&A Managers

What you have to know before the start?

  • The duration of the session will be approx. 40 min.
  • Language: English
  • All your questions are welcome in the Live Q&A at the end of the presentation part
  • After the live event, you can have your recording on demand

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