The pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia

#1 Most Dynamically Developing Pharma markets in MENA region

Key Industry Indicators

pharmaceutical industry saudi arabia
is the predicted worth of Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical market by the end of 2022
pharmaceutical industry saudi arabia
come from other nations, and the country’s market is dominated by many global corporations
pharmaceutical industry saudi arabia
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Serialization Landscape

Saudi Arabia started its path to improve traceability and visibility in the pharma supply chain in 2015, making medicines safer and preventing counterfeiting through serialization. Unlike in Europe, a complete track-and-trace system, including aggregation processes, is introduced.


Introducing a track-and-trace system in Saudi Arabia is part of the Saudi government’s Vision 2030 program. By 2030, Saudi Arabia wants to track all medicines and healthcare products registered for human use, domestically and internationally.

Designation: Drug Track and Trace System for Pharmaceutical Products (RSD)

Competent authority: Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

Products: All medicines for humans and animals

Code type: GS1 Data Matrix

Aggregation: Yes, according to GS1 standards

Timeframe: Start December 2015, serialization from 2017, a complete implementation in 2022.

Aggregation Landscape


Since October 2019, the aggregation of single packages has been mandatory in Saudi Arabia. From now on, an 18-digit Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is obligatory printed at the pallet level. Firstly, only human medicines will be tracked throughout the supply chain. The measures will be expanded to include herbal and other healthcare products and medicines for animals.

SoftGroup Meets the SFDA Serialization and Traceability Requirements

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How can we help?


bulb idea  SoftGroup provides an end-to-end solution for complying with all requirements of the Saudi Arabia National Track & Trace System – RSD digital platform.

bulb idea  The solution ensures a connection and data exchange between the National Track & Trace System – RSD digital platform and all shareholders (MAHs, Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, etc.).

bulb idea  Despite your role within the supply chain (MAHs, Manufacturer, Importer or distributor), you can easily upload the required product master data (PMD) of imported or produced medicines, herbs, and health drugs and publish the product pack data (PPD), including serial and aggregation reports of all packaging levels.

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