Facilitate and benefit everyone involved in the supply chain, from the manufacturers of medications to the end customers

Aggregation in pharma is the next logical step in Track and Trace requirements, and many companies that started the process (or finished) of implementation of the pharma serialization are foreseeing this next critical step.

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Simple reporting



Optimization of the supply chain activities led by aggregation can simplify the reporting and verification of the product at one or more stops along the supply chain.

All information in one place


Aggregation provides all the necessary information and makes it easier to track any medicines throughout the supply chain, leading to a more efficient, secure, and trustworthy system.



Proactive pharmaceutical companies are finding significant cost savings in the deployment of traceability and aggregation, coming from process and supply chain improvements.

Efficient product recalls or returns


Aggregation technology provides easier management for the entire process of inventory returns better. It also helps pharma manufacturers perform targeted recalls.



Aggregation greatly facilitates the use of rework, because all necessary and at the same time important information about the medicines to be accessible when scanning the greater pack code.

SoftGroup provides the whole range of aggregation hardware solutions from manual to fully automatic machines

Manual Aggregation Module

Machine for aggregation one by one scanning for cases, pallets and bundles

The scanning process of serialization and aggregation data is being performed one-by-one by a handheld barcode scanner.


Semi-automatic aggregation machine with Top View camera

Aggregation machine with top view camera

This model allows scanning of the whole layer of bundles/cartons in the case as well as a few case layers without any additional settings.


Automatic aggregation machine with Surface camera

Scanning of bundles or sets of cartons through a semi-automatic process. The machine scans each printed 2D codes and prints aggregation labels.


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