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Solution for control of a complete packaging line

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller is a software system, which controls the entire packaging line (starting, stopping and by-passing of Labeling, Bundle, Case, Pallet modules, etc.) and provides serialization and aggregation of packaged products at line level.

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller software starts the serialization process on item level after the carton is filled. It prints and verifies the batch and serialization data provided by SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller or by centralized management system and updates in real time SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller SN database. It supports high quality of the printed data even at fast production speeds.

After completing the serialization process, the final batch and serialization data are stored in а local database and can be exported.

  • SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller software can be used as a stand-alone machine or as a part of a centralized management system that manages all of the lines in the plant
  • The serial numbers can be generated by the SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller software or delivered by a centralized management system to the line database
  • The software uses the local database that stores all of the working data (batch and serialization)
  • All data can be exported from the database to another system
  • The software allows importing a list of serial data into the database and using them to define a batch
  • The software supports a template functionality (a template can be added for each batch). SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller uses the needed working files (printer and camera files) for managing the line process according to the selected template
  • SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller works with templates with or without serialization for the batch
  • SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller supports Audit Trail functionality
  • The printing system prints human readable values and 2D Data Matrix code
  • The vision system reads and recognizes human readable values and 2D Data Matrix code
  • The ejecting system recognizes and ejects faulty printed cartons and omits correctly printed cartons
  • The software complies with GS1 standard and 21 CFR Part 11 regulation

Supported Data – printing and verification

  • LOT / Batch number
  • Expiration date
  • Manufacture date
  • Price
  • Serial numbers
  • 2D barcode (Data Matrix or other type according to GS1 standards)

Usage as part of centralized management solution

If SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller is used as a part of centralized management solution, all of the batch information (including serialization for this batch) will be sent by a centralized management system. This usage offers the following functionalities:

  • Batch selection from a list of the loaded batches for a line
  • Line management (start process, stop process)
  • Device Management (printer setup, camera setup)
  • Line setup option
  • Selection of working mode (“Line setup mode”, “Transport mode”, “Production mode”)
  • Preview of line process

Stand-alone usage

If SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller is used as a stand-alone machine, the software offers batch setup that includes different serialization options. This usage support an internal serialization process that is compatible with the centralized management system.
Advantages of SoftGroup ® SaTT Line Controller

  • One point for controlling the entire line
  • Sets up all of the serialization options before generation of serial numbers
  • Supports sequential and random serial numbers
  • Sets up and controls all connected devices (printers and cameras)
  • Gathers the information from the connected devices
  • Allocates coding information to the different printers and cameras
  • Detects and handles failures (different alarm messages shall be displayed on the operator screen)
  • Records events and warnings of the batch and the serialization process
  • Supports different security levels

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