Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation dovema case study

[Case study]: Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation

Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation of  DOVEMA, s. r. o. – Focused on Safety and Quality in Contract Manufacturing



Customer Profile


Dovema is a Czech-based pharmaceutical company, operating for over 2 decades with a focus on providing high-quality pharmaceutical production and special transport of medicines.

The company has clients from Italy, Slovak, Germany, Austria and Poland. In 2020 Dovema built a brand-new facility, offering pharmaceuticals packaging and serialization for EU and RU markets, which was certified by State Institute for Drug Control. Also in its new facility, the company is assembling medical devices and special military medical devices.





The company had to comply with the track and trace regulations in Europe and Russia. One of the biggest challenges was to on-board the serialization software and integrate it within the company’ trading partners…




Download the case study and find how the DOVEMA s.r.o. got beyond the Track and Trace Regulatory Compliance and benefited from the all-in-one traceability system of SoftGroup.


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