case study about complete Serialization and Aggregation, Track and Trace Solution by softgroup

[Case study]: All-in-one Serialization and Aggregation, Track and Trace Solution for Vetprom, Bulgaria

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer chooses SoftGroup for a complete Serialization and Aggregation, Track and Trace Solution



Vetprom, a company of Danhson – is a Bulgaria-based pharmaceutical manufacturer with one of the best-equipped and modern production facilities within the country.


The company had to comply with the EU FMD and Russian Track and Trace Compliance due to its market operations. But the changes in legislation came just after they’ve already put in place a sound tech investment for modernization of production facilities and had finished building the structure of our production processes.


Vetprom needed support from the very first steps in their serialization journey. The company trusted SoftGroup to provide them with the necessary implementation of software and hardware. Thus, Vetprom avoided numerous mistakes and unnecessary efforts on their end.


“What we were looking for was a solution that we do not adapt our business to it but the other way around.” – shared Mr. Stoev, CEO of Vetprom AD.


Watch the customer story about the implementation of full-stack serialization and Track & Trace Solution and find how the implementation of track and trace solutions can fit the business specifics. For Russian click here.




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