serialization solution regarding Russia compliance

[Webinar]: Keep the pace of Russian Track & Trace

Learn how the new serialization requirements in Russia will affect the manufacturing and be prepared!

In the last years, the serialization landscape has undergone an overall change, with a huge count of new regulations coming into force. It’s not a secret that the implementation of the serialization processes impacted operations for many pharmaceutical companies around the world.


There are still new changes on the horizon, with one of the most complex regulations are looming from Russia.

By the 1st of July 2020, all pharmaceutical companies operating on the Russian market must have full-stack traceability technology.


You will learn:


  • How the new serialization requirements in Russia will affect the production process of medicines?
  • What not to miss when preparing for serialization for Russia?
  • Which organizations play a key role in the serialization project in Russia?
  • The 2 scenarios – Manufacturing in/out of Russia
  • Roadmap: How to manage the serialization data?


Ask Your Questions

Besides the webinar’s video recording is available on-demand, you can ask your questions at any time. SoftGroup’s experts will clarify any of the issues surrounding the serialization and aggregation requirements in Russia. Send your questions at the





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