SoftGroup® SaTT (Serialization and Track & Trace) is an integrated mass serialization system for centralized management of pharmaceutical packaging lines. It is a scalable, cost-effective and ‘smart’ solution, which can be customized to enterprise-specific needs. The system allows full traceability of any single or aggregate packaging unit within the supply chain. SoftGroup® SaTT complies with GS1’s Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard for holding and communicating serialization-based events, ensuring interoperability with existing systems.

Our Clients

"We recommend SoftGroup as a professional supplier of serialization systems and as a reliable partner for pharmaceutical companies."
Antoaneta Grancharska,
Director Engineering and Maintenance
"We have been impressed with the SoftGroup’s team which developed, implemented and validated a complete serialization solution based on the stringent requirements of Antibiotic Razgrad."
Dimitar Papazov
Executive Director
"The SoftGroup team goes above and beyond. They have not only implemented a SaTT solution at our site in a timely and efficient manner but have also boosted out productivity by streamlining key processes."
Angel Angelov
Executive Director
"We highly recommend SoftGroup as a reliable supplier of serialization, track and trace system and aggregation solutions. SoftGroup’s team has the expertise and experience required by the pharma industry to realize big and complex projects."
Petar Grigorov
Production Director

Our Software

SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone Software

Serialization is a process of assignment and application of a unique, verifiable product identifier to an individual product item. Meaning, a single item can not only be identified by its product type, expiration date, lot / batch number, etc. associated with the item, but also distinguished from other items of the same type & batch.

SoftGroup® SaTT supports:

  • Sequential series of unique numbers
  • Random series of unique numbers
  • 1D barcode
  • 2D barcode
  • Human-readable


A number of tracked items can be aggregated into one container (Bundle, case, pallet, etc.), which also possesses a unique tracking number.

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller is a software system, which controls the entire packaging line (starting, stopping and by-passing of Labeling, Bundle, Case, Pallet modules, etc.) and provides serialization and aggregation of packaged products at line level.

SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller software starts the serialization process on item level after the carton is filled. It prints and verifies the batch and serialization data provided by SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller or by centralized management system and updates in real time SoftGroup® SaTT Line Contoller SN database. It supports high quality of the printed data up to 300 packages per minute.

After completing the serialization process, the final batch and serialization data are stored in а local database and can be exported or transferred to the SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller.

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller

SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller is an integrated mass serialization software system for centralized management of pharmaceutical packaging lines. It controls all packaging lines and their modules, regardless of the ERP system, serialization repository, machine vision technologies and packaging automation deployed across the plant.

An external central management system sends the batch and serialization data to SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller, which stores it in its Batch Info and SN databases. SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller allows the user to allocate the batch to a specific line depending on production capacity and other performance indicators. SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller sends the batch and serialization data to the relevant SoftGroup® SaTT Line Controller. In addition, the software can be integrated with different ERP systems, allowing data transfer to international and national repositories, all through a user-friendly interface.

SoftGroup offers an outstanding functionality of SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller – the system allows allocation of the batch to multiple packaging lines and distributes the batch and serialization data simultaneously to all of them. This significantly decreases the batch production time and increases the production performance.

Our Hardware

SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone Machine

SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine is a carton labelling module for a pharmaceutical packaging line, which provides serialization of packaged products at unit level. It can be an integral part of a complete packaging line or serve as a stand-alone machine. SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine is designed according to the latest GMP standards and offers highest reliability.

Basic Functionalities:

  • Front/back labelling
  • Prints, reads, and verifies 1D & 2D codes, geometrical shapes and logos
  • Prints Data Matrix and human-readable codes
  • Verifies and grades the printed information
  • Ejects faulty cartons
  • Line speed: 300 cartons/min.

Basic Components:

  • Server – computer system with Windows OS
  • Monitor (touch screen)
  • Printer – with more than one printing head
  • Camera – one or more than one
  • Ethernet switch (PoE)
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Barcode scanner
  • Compact footprint
  • Balcony-style structure
  • GMP compliant construction
  • User-friendly and password protected human machine interface (HMI)

Our Hardware Partners

We offer the option to choose between our own hardware, as well that of other vendors according to your preferences and requirements. More information about our hardware partners will be posted soon.

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